Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Things

I love Halloween! This year I have been having a bit of trouble getting into the spirit of the holiday due to a bit of a battle with depression that hit me with no warning. Today, however, is the last weekday before Halloween and I want to take advantage of the last couple of days with my kids to do fun, spooky, cute crafts! I've been scouring the internet for fun craft ideas and printable projects to do with the kids. Here are a few things I am looking forward to playing with this weekend:

Check out all her awesome printables while you're there!

I'll have to post pictures of our haunted house later. Maybe tomorrow.

Monday, October 18, 2010

these are the days

We took our fourth annual trip to Nelson's Pumpkin Patch in Emerado, ND on Sunday. We always have a great time and the girls look forward to it each year. It's hard to believe that next October Alex will be the same age that Marah was the first time we took her! As I was going through the pictures I took on Sunday I was struck by how sweet it is that we have these pictures of the kids each year and how much they have grown. So I thought I should post them here and wish you all a wonderfully pleasant October and harvest season! We are certainly enjoying it here.
2007- Marah (3) and Jenna (7)
2008- Jenna (8), Alex (2 itty bitty weeks!), Marah (4)
2009- Jenna (9), Alex (1), Marah (5)
2010- Jenna (10), Alex (2), Marah (6)
And then, just because I couldn't resist, my little gooby-goob each year on the hayride :)
2008- 2 weeks
2009- 1 year
2010- 2 years
Sigh... memories. They make my heart happy :)
Make each day count!